Dev Virto Clock Weather Web Part for SP2007

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Dev. Virto Clock & Weather Web Part for SP2007

Dev. Virto Clock & Weather Web Part for SP2007

$149.00 Estimated price.

Software Development Components
UAB Virtosoftware

This free and extremely simple web part is designed to be easily integrated with your SharePoint Sites. Virto Clock & Weather allows users to always be informed about time and weather in their regions. Using this web part, users can view properties such as local time, weather forecast for one-five days, humidity, weather conditions and so on. Installation is simple and quick! It will only take a few minutes to download, then you're all set to install and set up the application. Two versions of the web part are available: a free version and the Pro-version provided with some additional features. With the Pro version you are not restricted with only sixteen default color themes but can flexibly set up your own one based using RGB coding. Moreover, the Pro version allows you to see not just the current weather but a three-five day forecast for any location as well. Finally, with Virto Clock & Weather Pro you can define working hours for any location and have the location clock enabled only within them and disabled the rest of the time. This is convenient for companies that have a lot of offices in different time zones: with Virto Clock & Weather Pro you can check whether an office is working at the moment with a single glance. Features Time and weather forecast options
Displaying time and weather for different time zones & locations (as many as you wish)
Weather for current day (based on MSN Weather Service)
Different date and time formats
  Appearance settings
Predefined color schemes for background & fonts (16 themes)