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Extra Folder Icons

Extra Folder Icons

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Product Description Extra Folder Icons is a set of 45 professionally drawn Windows 7 folder icons with great design and scrupulous attention to detail. Covering many objects and activity types, these folder icons address the needs and interests of a broad range of people, from youngsters interested in cars and music to senior users looking for a way to mark folders containing health and TV-related information. If you are a software developer, for instance, you can change a folder icon from the standard one to one with a Java logo and keep your code samples, documentation, tutorials and files there. Each of the 45 Windows Seven folders icons features realistic shadows, while the main images are created with utmost attention to detail.
  Some examples of the possible use scenarios of Extra Folder Icons: Decoration of specific folders for easier and faster navigation through a large number of folders on your hard drive. Visual categorization of folders using modified folder icons: folders with movies, music, books, saved chats, photos and so forth. Creation of easy-to-navigate folders with multiple sublevels using self-explanatory Windows Seven folder icons
List of the icons in the set:

45 top-quality extra folder icons for Windows users in Windows 7 style.

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