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. Title was submitted in Feb and went 'missing.' JBC pushed it forward at editor's request.

Not sure how to teach a student who speaks only a little English or none at all? This quick and easy guide can help with tips for preparing for your new student, assessing the child's needs and abilities, communicating with the student's family, and much more.

Helps people read the Bible as a whole; and even when the whole is narrowed to whole books, helps readers to see how each book fits into the grand Story of the Bible.

Old Mother Rabbit lived in a shoe. She had twenty-six children and knew what to do. From Abel, who sleeps on a table, to Zed who sleeps on the shed, help Mother Rabbit tuck a whole alphabet of adorable little bunnies in for the night.

Ultimate book/e-book/audiobook collection organizer Organize your collection of paper books, ebooks, or audiobooks into an electronic library. Add books easily without typing full details: All My Books gets information about the book from the Internet automatically. Track loaners and locate every book in just seconds.

Now in paperback--the national bestseller that offers a dramatic and entertaining account of some of the greatest works of literature, a persuasive defense of the magnificence of the Western literary tradition, and a thrilling personal odyssey of one man's return to academia.

'The Jungle Books' contain the legendary adventures of Mowgli, a boy raised by wolves in India's timeless land of danger and mystery. This Bantam Classic edition includes all the stories from The Jungle Book and The Second Jungle Book.

Exemplary reprint of l6th-century classic. Covers classical architectural remains, Renaissance revivals, classical orders, etc. 1738 Ware English edition. 216 plates. ..'.a new and splendid edition of what has probably been the most influential book published in the history of architecture since its first appearance in 1570.'--Art in America.

In The Historical Books, Richard D. Nelson introduces neophyte readers to the basic concepts of history and historical writing and provides a simple framework of events and periods that can be used to situate historical data reported in texts or presupposed by them. Standard interpretive methods are accessibly explained and illustrated by consistent reference to 2 Samuel 24. The focus of discussion moves from the narrow level of individual pericope to larger units of meaning. Because the ultimate goal is to expose the claims made on the reader by these biblical texts and to help the reader make...

This rich, handsomely designed case holds nine favorite classics about the Ingalls family and their life on the prairie.

The most important book ever written on architecture. Early Roman aesthetics, technology, classical orders, site selection, all other aspects. Morgan translation.

Books To Help Rvers Get More Out Of Rving.

A renowned historian and pioneering scholar in the history of the book--a leading voice in the debate about the digital future of books and knowledge--distills his experience and insight.9781586489038 A wonderful, diverse collection spanning the writing career of the celebrated '60 Minutes' commentator and bestselling author9781586489106 They resolve elections, determine verdicts, and are the most elusively valuable consumers: How do you persuade the people who haven't yet made up their minds?9781586

This volume in the Zondervan Quick-Reference Library gives you a quick overview of all the books of the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments.

Offers a translation of and commentary on the first five books of the Hebrew Bible.

This book features a paraphrase in easy Latin facing the original to help students understand the plain meaning of the text. Also, instead of a typical Latin-to-English vocabulary, there are selected notes from Servius and others in Latin, explaining the words and phrases of the original.

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