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It is in Books IV and V of The Wealth of Nations that Adam Smith offers his considered response to the French Physiocrats, perhaps the first great school of economic theorists, and assesses the nature of the mercantile system, particularly the colonial relationship with America, whose achievements could have been even more spectacular if conditions of free trade and economic union had existed. Even on the eve of the Declaration of Independence, Smith famously predicted that America 'will be one of the foremost nations of the world.' It is also here that he develops the case for a limited state...

Mason's beguiling debut novel reimagines Homer's classic story of the hero Odysseus and his long journey home after the fall of Troy.9780374223168 Violet Hetherington has taken the rash step of joining a transatlantic cruise to New York to visit Edwin, an old friend. As she makes the six-day crossing, she relives the traumatic events that led to her losing Edwin's friendship and abandoning her career as a poet for the safety of marriage and domesticity. Despite her natural reserve, she meets a rich v

This book features a paraphrase in easy Latin facing the original to help students understand the plain meaning of the text. Also, instead of a typical Latin-to-English vocabulary, there are selected notes from Servius and others in Latin, explaining the words and phrases of the original.

Volume 1 of three-volume set containing complete English text of all 13 books of the Elements plus critical apparatus analyzing each definition, postulate, and proposition in great detail. Covers textual and linguistic matters; mathematical analyses of Euclid's ideas; classical, medieval, Renaissance and modern commentators; refutations, supports, extrapolations, reinterpretations and historical notes. Vol. 1 includes Introduction, Books 1-2: Triangles, rectangles.

Emily Dickinson, probably the most loved and certainly the greatest of American poets, continues to be seen as the most elusive. One reason she has become a timeless icon of mystery for many readers is that the seasons of her life have not been clarified. In this biography, Alfred Habegger presents the first thoroughly researched account of Dickinson's growth in time a -- richly contextualized story of genius in the process of formation and then in the act of overwhelming production.

A new edition of Vetruvius' classical text on architecture and its related arts, De Acrhitectura libri decem, Ten Books on Architecture. Since this is this is the only known full treatise of this kind to survive from classical antiquity, this new edition is welcome to architects and designers interested in Hellenistic art and science. Softcover. DLC: Architecture--Early works to 1800.

' If you follow only a third of Jean's advice, you'll have a successful book .' —Jeremy Tarcher, Publisher Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc. ' After Jean reworked my first draft, paperback rights sold for $137,000 .' —Timmen Cermak, M.D., author of A Time to Heal: The Road to Recovery for Adult Children of Alcoholics Mastering the craft and understanding the mechanics of writing self-help and how-to books is the key to getting publishers to take notice of your work. Now, in the first guide to writing self-help and how-to books, Jean Stine offers an insider's view of this growing genre....

The co-called Blue and Brown Books, originally dictated to his students in Cambridge in the thirties, and circulated, not without precaution and secrecy, now follow the Investigations and the Remarks on Mathematics, and with this the opening up process is complete

Kathleen Odean, member of the Caldecott and Newbery Award Committees, has compiled and annotated a unique collection of more than six hundred books - picture books, novels, mysteries, biographies, sports books, and more - that will fascinate and educate boys. Here are classic characters such as Frog and Toad, Bilbo Baggins, and Encyclopedia Brown; new favorites such as Bingo Brown, Martin the Warrior, and Harry the Dirty Dog; and real-life inspirations such as the Wright brothers, Jackie Robinson, and Jacques Cousteau.

The JPS pocket edition of its Torah translation features clear, easy-to-read type in a highly portable paperback format, providing readers the opportunity to carry the Five Books with them wherever they go.

The definitive edition of one of the very greatest classics of all time--the full Euclid, encompassing almost 2500 years of mathematical and historical study. This unabridged republication of the original enlarged edition contains the complete English text of all 13 books of the ELEMENTS, plus analyses of each definition, postulate, and proposition.

Following up his '10 Books That Screwed Up the World,' author Benjamin Wiker brings you '10 Books Every Conservative Must Read: Plus Four Not to Miss and One Imposter.' Offering a 'cliff notes guide' to some of the most important literary works of our time, Wiker turns his discerning eye from the great texts that have done so much damage to Western Civilization to the great texts that could help rebuild it. '10 Books Every Conservative Must Read' features a range of works from classics such as 'Democracy in

A unique, updated resource for parents and teachers contains more than six hundred annotated listings of a variety of books for girls, from toddlers to adolescents, that feature female protagonists who solve problems and shape their own destiny. Original.

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Here, in one volume, are two bodies of work that, perhaps more than any others, reveal the essence of Claude Debussy's extraordinary expressiveness and his innovative gifts for musical imagery. Each book contains 12 preludes for the piano, many of them well known to today's musical audiences because of their great popularity with pianists worldwide.

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