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A visually presented version of the Pentateuch is demarcated with special fonts and typefaces that illustrate the style differences of each of its major strands and other fragments, in a volume that seeks to identify the findings of modern source criticism. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.

ENTRE AMIS is designed to expand users interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational communicative skills by presenting and rehearsing situations similar to those you will encounter in real life. It contains coverage of all four-language skills with a strong emphasis on oral communication. This Worktext Advantage version of Entre Amis, 5th edition Volume 1 includes the complete front matter and back matter plus Textbook Modules P-8 PLUS SAM/Video Manual Modules P-8 in one convenient paperbound volume. Volume 2 also includes the complete front matter and back matter plus Textbook Modules 8-14...

This ADVANTAGE SERIES edition of Swokowski's text is a truly valuable selection. Groundbreaking in every way when first published, this book is a simple, straightforward, direct calculus text. Its popularity is directly due to its broad use of applications, the easy-to-understand writing style, and the wealth of examples and exercises, which reinforce conceptualization of the subject matter. The author wrote this text with three objectives in mind. The first was to make the book more student-oriented by expanding discussions and providing more examples and figures to help clarify concepts. To further...

The combined features that distinguish this text from other titles can be summarized with an acronym: CARE C utting edge research A pplied developmental science R eadability E ssential knowledge Written by respected child, adolescent, and adulthood development experts, this authoritative and chronologically organized text presents an integrated perspective on lifespan development. The authors write in an engaging manner, synthesizing biological, social, cultural, and socioeconomic influences as opposed to organizing content around developmental themes. Incorporation of classic and cutting-edge...

Authoritative, balanced, and easy-to-read. INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS: A POLICY APPROACH is the best international economics textbook because it's the perfect combination of theory, policy, and research. Whether you've taken only a one- or two-term undergraduate sequence in international economics or you're an MBA student, this book well help you succeed in the course.

Find yourself in the midst of New Testament times and events with NEW TESTAMENT STORY: AN INTRODUCTION, Fourth Edition. Author David L. Barr demonstrates how every New Testament writing is located within the context of a story, even if the individual piece does not express a story itself. The book helps you critically examine each piece to uncover its significance and meaning and gain a stronger understanding of the language used, as well as the historical and cultural differences between Biblical and modern times.

Software to organize and catalogue books, magazines,  papers, ... for private and public use. Automatically catalogue of private and public books. Browse and search books by author, title, ISBN number and so on. PowerBK software manages a lots of books' data fields, for example, location, number of pages, publication year, cover art.

This highly accessible, manageable program is user friendly. Known for its succinct and precise grammar explanations, its presentation of high-frequency and practical vocabulary, and overall flexibility, CENGAGE ADVANTAGE BOOKS: HOLA, AMIGOS! WORKTEXT VOLUME 1, Seventh Edition, continues to maintain its appeal with users regardless of their preferred methodology. The program is designed to develop users' ability to communicate effectively in Spanish in a variety of situations as well as to strengthen cultural awareness and competence. It offers a full scope and sequence, yet is brief enough to...

This engaging book applies reader response theory to children's literature methods to help new and experienced teachers best involve kindergarteners through eighth graders in literature and literacy.  Authentic student responses open chapters, book clusters and the accompanying CD database of children's literature provide guidance for involving students with literature, and Literature Resources on the Web guide users to lesson plans, standards, author interviews, projects, and other Internet resources to enrich teaching. For teachers of Children's Literature.

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: ESSENTIAL PERSPECTIVES is the perfect guide for anyone preparing for the HR certification exam. This text offers you practical coverage of basic concepts, as well as a 'managerial perspectives' at the beginning of each chapter that will encourage you to apply the concepts you have learned.

CENGAGE ADVANTAGE BOOKS: ESSENTIAL PIANO FOR THE DEVELOPING MUSICIAN, Sixth Edition, is a streamlined edition that provides graduated piano skills and theory, with additional online tutorials that provide extra author guidance and practice music.

Gift set includes Songs of Innocence, Songs of Experience, and The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.

Learn statistical reasoning and problem solving from a best-selling author who uses a wealth of examples from the social and behavioral sciences,, education,, nursing/allied health, and business fields--as well as examples from everyday life-to help you learn and understand. Praised for his clear explanations, Spatz shows you how to start with a data set, identify the questions it poses, determine and carry out statistical procedures, and using plain English, tell the story the data reveal.9780495909941 B

Using engaging stories and clear writing, ADVANTAGE BOOKS: HUMANITY: AN INTRODUCTION TO CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY, Eighth Edition introduces cultural anthropology within a solid framework centered around globalization and culture change. Peoples and Bailey focus on the social and cultural consequences of globalization, emphasizing culture change and world problems. The book's engaging narrative provides new ways of looking at many of the challenges facing the world in this century. As you explore more contemporary issues, including recent debates on gay marriage, cultural and economic globalization,...

Save money with CENGAGE ADVANTAGE BOOKS: POCKETFUL OF POEMS, VOLUME II! An inexpensive alternative to the more expensive anthologies, this slim volume contains over 100 of the most familiar and most taught poems, arranged alphabetically. Two annotated poems cover the major elements of poetry and illustrate how to annotate a poem and what to look for in reading a poem.

First published in 1939, 'The Grapes of Wrath' is a landmark of American literature. This Pulitzer Prize-winning epic of the Great Depression chronicles the Dust Bowl migration of the 1930s and tells the story of one Oklahoma farm homestead by the 'land companies' and forced to travel west to the promised land of California. A portrait of conflict between the powerful and the powerless, the novel captures the horrors of the Depression and probes the very nature of equality in America.

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