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A Washington Post Best Book Of The Year 'A riveting investigation of the world's most notorious weapons dealer, Viktor Bout, whose post–Cold War arms network has stoked violence worldwide.' —THE WASHINGTON POST 'A page-turner that digs deep into the amazing, murky story of Viktor Bout. Farah and Braun have exposed the inner workings of one of the world's most secretive businesses—the international arms trade.' —Peter Bergen, author of The Osama bin Laden I Know 'Braun and Farah have crafted an impressive and damning dossier on this mysterious figure, a raw capitalist at...

This book offers numerous strategies and case studies that illustrate how to invest in teacher quality and improve learning environments through creative allocation of existing resources.9781412904209 Now in its Third Edition, Effectively Managing Human Service Organizations continues to provide invaluable advice for achieving managerial success. Ralph Brody dissects and diagnoses common workplace dilemmas, arming practicing managers with the skills to implement positive changes in their organizations. Wh

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The story of one company, chemical giant Monsanto, which, some 20 years ago, pushed forward the technology of injecting different plants such as corn and soybeans with genes that would make them able to act as their own insecticides. A riveting tale of the battle over genetically engineered foods, and an inside look at a biotech food empire.

You can get there Where do you want to go? You might already be working in business and may be looking to expand your skills. You might be setting out on a new career path. Or, you might simply want to know how to wisely manage your money, make intelligent investment decisions, and maintain healthy finances. Wherever you want to go, Wiley Pathways Personal Finance will help you get there. Easy-to-read, practical, and up-to-date, this text not only helps you master the core business competencies and skills that you need to succeed in the classroom; it also provides you with practical,...

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Worm Farming Is Clean, Green And Environmentally Friendly. And It s So Easy That Anyone Can Do It. But What s More You Can A Considerate Amount Of Money By Wormfarming. From Only Houshold Waste The Worms You The Best Compost You Can Wish For!

Ben & Jerry offer the ultimate insider's guide to creating a values-led business that makes money while benefiting the entire community using examples from their own company as well as a host of others. Paper. DLC: Ben & Jerry's (Firm) - History.

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The American dream champions individualism. But at what price? In the fully updated fifth edition of The Wilding of America, Charles Derber chronicles the latest incidents of wilding- acts of self-interested violence or greed that weaken the social fabric. Each chapter of the new edition has been thoroughly revised. New discussions include: an analysis of global corporate power in the wake of the 2008 economic crisis including an in-depth look at factory workers in both Guatemala and South China; an examination of the state of New Orleans in 2009; and a look at the impact of the Obama administration...

This is an exploration of how initiatives are remaking America's democracy, creating a hazardous new arena of politics funded by moneyed interests, pursuing their own agenda.

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