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Hockey Training And Workouts Programs From A Professional Strength And Conditioning Coach.

Proven Childhood Development Programs Based On Occupational Therapy Foundations

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FOR STUDENTS AND EARLY CHILD PROFESSIONALS ALIKE, Fathers and Early Childhood Programs is intended to introduce the reader to many of the critical issues that are being studied about fathers in the social sciences. The authors review the available research regarding father involvement in programs for young children and they present the results of 33 in-depth interviews they have collected on this subject. They present the theoretical perspectives they see as relevant to building better partnership between programs and fathers. The authors offer practical suggestions for working with fathers...

Assessment and Planning in Health Programs, Second Edition enables students and practitioners to successfully plan, implement, and evaluate programs and interventions that will assist individuals and groups in maintaining and improving their health. Written in an accessible manner, this comprehensive text provides an overview of needs assessment, program planning, and program evaluation, and explains several goals and strategies for each. It addresses the importance and use of theories, data collection strat

With more than 300 creative activities for primary and intermediate school age children, this book is the only resource educators and program directors will need in promoting learning and fun with children. Creative, developmentally appropriate activities centered on fine arts, language arts, math, physical activities, science and social studies bring these subjects to life. The book?s content reflects standards from national organizations and includes projects that work well for individual children, small groups and large groups. Plus, implementing these projects and activities is easy in any...

With a focus on doing the right thing right the first time. Ireland has constructed a solid presentation on how to invest in quality throughout all the project management processes. Understanding customers' requirements and the essential nature of planning to meet quality expectations is explored thoroughly, along with a solid discussion of the choices of resources. Other topics include human factors and the effects of internal and external demands, as well as the tools, management techniques, methodologies, and costs associated with infusing quality into project management. The book is essential...

The present volume offers eloquent testimony that many of the master builders of this century have held passionate convictions regarding the philosophic and social basis of their art.

'Leadership and Supervision in Child Care Centers' is an excellent guide for anyone interested in a leadership role within a child care organization. This informative guide covers the importance of good communication and professional behavior and how the leader can serve as an agent of change. It includes detailed information on developing and implementing effective supervisory and staff orientation programs, with numerous sample documents and schedules for reference.

The only early childhood administration book on the market that emphasizes the role of leadership and the importance of program planning in the administration process. Adds necessary chapters on medically related issues in early childhood, and legally related issues in early childhood. Includes material on Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) and other new curricula. Contains numerous activities at the end of the book. For Educators and Social Service Workers in programs for young children, including Headstart.

Rejuvenation Fitness Was Developed By Joshua Taylor, A Highly Touted Division College Wrestling Coach And Strength Trainer. Rejuvenation Fitness Is A Week Program Where You Work Out Only Times Per Week. Perfect For The Lifestyles Of Busy Adults.

An undergraduate introduction to programming and computing, focusing on the program design process. Fosters skills such as critical reading, analytical thinking, creative synthesis, and attention to detail. Also offers support materials free on the Internet. DLC: Computer programming.

Courses In Hypnosis Certification, Past Life, Comedy, Quit Smoking, Age Regression, Metaphysics And More By The American School Of Hypnosis. Monthly And Additional Products Added. Tool Page aiahypnosis resources

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Building Java Programs: A Back to Basics Approach, Second Edition , introduces novice programmers to basic constructs and common pitfalls by emphasizing the essentials of procedural programming, problem solving, and algorithmic reasoning. By using objects early to solve interesting problems and defining objects later in the text, Building Java Programs develops programming knowledge for a broad audience. Introduction to Java Programming, Primitive Data and Definite Loops, Introduction to Parameters and Objects, Conditional Execution, Program Logic and Indefinite Loops, File Processing,...

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