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This book presents introductory programming and software development concepts to engineers using a disciplined approach. It provides numerous case studies and programming projects based on real-world examples from a wide range of engineering areas, making the material relevant to what engineers will encounter in their careers; the authors introduce implementations of basic numerical and statistical methods commonly used by engineers. Another feature is the addition of a chapter entitled 'On to C++' that prepares readers for a transition to object-oriented programming. The book focuses on many aspects...

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Through the use of specific examples to illustrate evaluation research goals and methods, Thinking About Program Evaluation provides readers with an overview of the science and politics of evaluation research. New to this edition is coverage of meta-analysis, selection models, and instrumental variables. In addition, the authors have expanded the coverage of analysis of data, evaluation when the units of analysis are entire organizations of political jurisdictions, and comparisons between evaluation research and other related fields. The rich mix of examples has been expanded to include more illustrations...

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The belief that U.S. presidents' legislative policy formation has centralized over time, shifting inexorably out of the executive departments and into the White House, is shared by many who have studied the American presidency. Andrew Rudalevige argues that such a linear trend is neither at all certain nor necessary for policy promotion. In 'Managing the President's Program, he presents a far more complex and interesting picture of the use of presidential staff. Drawing on transaction cost theory, Rudalevige constructs a framework of 'contingent centralization' to predict when presidents will use...

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Education, business and human service settings are included in this revised edition of How to Design a Program Evaluation. Additional examples in these fields makes this volume more relevant to a wider audience in comparison with the first edition. Through the use of diagrams, step-by-step directions, flow charts, and extensive examples, the book shows how a variety of design options can be conceived and implemented. Focusing on quantitative designs, it shows what to do when things go wrong and presents detailed methods for collecting, analyzing, and presenting data for each design.

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