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San Francisco journalist John Geluardi charts the rise of the medical marijuana industry from its counterculture roots to its current status as a well-oiled political and business machine. Geluardi' 'also explores the future of U.S. marijuana policy and examines the growing momentum for full legalization.9780982427668 This book is really three books in one. It is a guidebook for a walking/cycling route across California that follows John Muir's footsteps from San Francisco to Yosemite via the Pacheco

In 1492, previously separate worlds collided and began to merge, often painfully, into the world-system in which we live today. Columbuss four Atlantic voyages (14921504) helped link Africa, Europe, and the Americas in a conflicted economic and cultural symbiosis. These carefully selected documents describe the voyages and their immediate impact on Europe and the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean. Geoffrey Symcox and Blair Sullivans engaging introduction presents Columbus as neither hero nor villain, but as a significant historical actor who improvised responses to a changed world. Document headnotes...

One may read about the 'early church' or the 'Renaissance popes' without a clear idea of the who-where-when-what-why-and-how of those eras. This easy-to-read volume answers the basic question 'what did the Church look like in this particular period?' for the four traditionally recognized eras of Church history: early, medie-val, Reformation, and modern. Each chapter includes a map and timeline to locate the reader in place and place. The timeline identifies what else was going on. Then they address these top

City People: The rise of modern city culture in nineteenth-century America. With pictures and anecdotes and a wealth of material drawn from the personal records of real people, 'City People' traces the emergence and dissemination of big-city culture in nineteenth-century America.

[This book] reflects sixty-plus years of experience teaching required undergraduate and graduate courses on classical sociological theory. It is a subject matter that both [authors] continue to feel passionately about, and one that [they] feel currently lakcs a text that can both create a similar passion for classical theory in students and present the substantive ideas of the founding men and women of sociology.... [This] text overcomes these limitations. -Pref.

Showcasing assessment practices that can help teachers plan effective instruction, this book addresses the real-world complexities of teaching literacy in grades K-8. Leading contributors present trustworthy approaches that examine learning processes as well as learning products, that yield information on how the learning environment can be improved, and that are conducted in the context of authentic reading and writing activities. The volume provides workable, nuts-and-bolts ideas for incorporating assessment into instruction in all major literacy domains and with diverse learners, including students...

Wise explores how 'colorblindness' in policy and personal practice perpetuateracial inequity in the United States today.9780873182157 'Psychotherapy Is Worth It: A Comprehensive Review of its Cost-Effectiveness' is a multi-authored study on the environmental, cultural, and biological factors associated with mental illness, its treatment or lack thereof, and its true cost to society.9780873261906 A thoroughly updated report covering all the animal control issues that local governments face with expl

An unapologetic defense of city life in a time of environmental crisis.9781849440240 This books is aimed at those who are vaguely interested in religion, even in the broadest sense of the word, but who have been alienated by a bad experience or inaccurate teaching. A lifetime of pastoral experience in different circumstances has given the Author an appreciation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The spirit of his teaching, his interaction with people, everything about his personality is so inspiring, so beaut

John Bogle—founder of the Vanguard Mutual Fund Group and creator of the first index mutual fund—is an industry pioneer. Over the years, he has single-handedly transformed the mutual fund business, and today, his vision continues to inspire investors. It has been over a decade since the original edition of Common Sense on Mutual Funds was first published. While much has changed during this time, the importance of investing and the issues addressed in the original edition of this book have not. Now, in the Fully Updated 10th Anniversary Edition of Common Sense on Mutual Funds, Bogle returns...

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Traces the 1917 disaster in Nova Scotia during which a collided and grounded ship exploded and devastated the city under circumstances that would later be studied for the making of the atomic bomb, in an account that also describes the subsequent relief mission and trial of the ship's captain. Reprint.

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Collects essays contributed by historians describing thirty-one specific days which altered American history, including the Great Awakening of 1740, the Seneca Falls Convention, and San Francisco's 'Human Be-in' gathering.

DE PASEO is a complete intermediate Spanish course with a unique, learner-centered focus on proven strategies that develop proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. With its lively in-class DE PASEO textbook and at-home DIARIO DE ACTIVIDADES, this two-book program offers ample opportunities for both form-driven practice and spontaneous, creative use of the language. The Fourth Edition has been updated throughout and includes new comprehension Auditiva sections, new Lecturas culturales, and a wide range of new audio, video, and web-based resources.

Author argues that a growing dependency of government-for education, health care, social security, and the like-erodes the rule of law and increases the government's discretion to regulate, manipulate, or prohibit virtually any activity. This book raises serious concerns about the future of liberty in America. Softcover.

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