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With meticulous observation and the seductive skill of a great storyteller, Vargas Llosa lures the reader into the shadow of perversion that, little by little, darkens the extraordinary happiness and harmony of his characters. The mysterious nature of happiness and above all, the corrupting power of innocence are the themes that underlie these pages, and the author has perfectly met the demands of the erotic novel, never dimming for an instant the fine poetic polish of his writing.

The history of women in the Middle East is seen from an entirely new perspective in Judith Tucker's rewarding study of Islamic law in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Syria and Palestine. This was a period when Muslim legal thinkers gave considerable attention to women's roles in society, and Tucker shows how fatwas, or legal opinions, greatly influenced these roles. She challenges prevailing views on Islam and gender, revealing Islamic law to have been more fluid and flexible than previously thought. Using significant primary materials, including fatwas of prominent jurists and records of three...

Traces the origins of democratic government in England and the U.S. compares their approaches, and discusses elections and the philosophical background of political representation

It's Bigger Than Hip Hop takes a bold look at the rise of a generation that sees beyond the smoke and mirrors of corporate-manufactured rap and is building a movement that will change not only the face of pop culture, but the world.M. K. Asante, Jr., a passionate young poet, professor, filmmaker, and activist who represents this new movement, uses hip hop as a springboard for a larger discussion about the urgent social and political issues affecting the hip-hop and post-hip-hop generations.Through insightful anecdotes, scholarship, revolutionary rap lyrics, personal encounters, and conversations...

Some of the most ingenious and attractive modern motifs. 746 designs.

Jesse Owens secured his place as one of the most celebrated athletes of the twentieth-century after winning four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. This book examines the press coverage of the time, which helped to elevate Owens to such status. Pamela C. Laucella utilizes examples not just from the mainstream press, but also from the black and Communist press, and reveals critical differences in the tone, emphasis, and type of coverage. She offers exceptional insight into the potency of language

The author of Taliban profiles the military Islamic republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, discussing the roots of fundamentalism in central Asia, the goals of their military organizations, and ways in which such threats can be neutralized.

2004 is the 50th Anniversary of the Decision

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Federico Garcia Lorca encontro en el teato un medio privilegiado para la manifestacion de su mundo interior. En La casa de Bernarda Alba se desarrolla el conflicto entre dos fuerzas mayores: el principio de autoridad ciega, con su secuela de orden y poder, y el principio de la libertad instintiva en su lucha imposible y permanente por imponerse. Un tragica vision del alma humana universal, de la sociedad y, como prefiguracion genial, de la realidad espanola de 1936.

Bestseller internacional y muy admirado clsico de la literatura latinoamericana, la trascendental novela de Isabel Allende cuenta la historia pica de la numerosa y turbulenta familia Trueba de Chile, con su patriarca angustiado y sus mujeres clarividentes, trazando sus vidas desde los fines del siglo pasado, hasta los das violentos del golpe que derroc al gobierno de Salvador Allende en 1973. En La casa de los esptitus , Allende combina lo supernatural con lo real en una versin sumamente personal de realismo mgico. Es raro, el caso, en que una primera novela lanza a su autora tan repentinamente...

- Para resolver los problemas y dudas de la ortografia del espanol- Numerosos ejemplos para ilustrar las reglas- Gran cantidad de ejercicios y soluciones para corregir errores- Agil, practica, muy facil de consultar y trabajar

Laura Ingalls and her family journey west by covered wagon, only to find they are in Indian territory and must move on. ALA Notable Children's Book of 1940-1954. 'Horn Book' Children's Classics 1976.

Haught offers a provocative take on how reconciliation between evolution and Christian theology might begin, and questions whether the two concepts must be mutually exclusive.9780664234621 With this warm and thoughtful volume, Bostrom offers 100 simple exercises that will boost readers' spirits and, more important, strengthen their spirits--that essential part that connects them to God.9780664503062 What are the best practices of mission work? Better Together is a layperson's guide to many of the most

'Pascal's Pensees--Thoughts--are notes that Pascal might have organized into a book if he had not died so early. Morris here gives us a book organized out of some of those thoughts...This is a Pascalian book filled with a passion for life and for finding the sense of life as it actually comes to us. In Pascal, and now in Morris, we can hear a philosophical voice that calls up our own deep longing and that invites us to an everlasting love.' - George I. Mavrodes, University of Michigan

Once a research project has been designed and the data have been gathered, what is the best way to transform this information into something useful? The authors of this practical volume highlight the range of approaches available to qualitative researchers by using a single data set which they analyze using a number of techniques. With special attention paid to the possibilities in computer-aided analysis, this book will be an invaluable resource for the relatively new qualitative researcher.

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