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At a moment of ecological and financial crisis, bestselling author and economist Schor presents a revolutionary strategy for transitioning toward a richer, more balanced life.9781594202551 A window on tomorrow's financial system, this authoritative history of hedge funds spans their origins in the 1960s to their role in the financial crisis of 2007-2009.9781594202575 A deeply reported account of life inside Burma in the months following the disastrous Cyclone Nargis and an analysis of the brutal totali

One of the great classics of economics, this influential work by the noted eighteenth-century philosopher and political economist was the first systematic formulation of classical English economics. Adam Smith's name is popularly associated with his belief that self-interest would operate to bring about the healthiest economic conditions for all, i.e. a 'laissez-faire system, based on an absolutely free economy. This work is not only marvelously rich in information about earlier historical periods and acute in its observation of the contemporary scene, it is also a great work of political philosophy....

Two renowned financial experts equip readers with the knowledge, financial tools, and wisdom needed to build a solid financial future as retirement approaches--a portfolio that provides for one's family, honors God, and blesses the generations that follow with a legacy of stewardship and resources. Original. 20,000 first printing.

The ideologies of equal opportunity and individual responsibility that dominate American culture tend to obscure the casual connections between poverty and wealth. Uncovering these connections is one of the purposes of this book. Wealth and Poverty in America is an accessible collection of over 20 important essays on the complex relationship between the rich and poor in the United States. It first presents classic and contemporary selections that form theories of where wealth comes from and why wealth tends to concentrate in the hands of the few. This set of readings deals with wealth at a...

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An insider's provocative look at inherited wealth and class distinctions in the United States, exploring the complex meanings of money and success in American society -- with a new introduction that explores whether America's privileged class will be willing or able to play a leadership role in the 21st century.

'Splendid and informed exposition of the basic principles of economics. The economics is sophisticated, the exposition simple, concise, lucid, and free from jargon.'Milton Friedman, 1976 Nobel Prize Recipient 'The authors tell us what everyone should know about economics in language we can all understand. It's refreshing, when four of the best in the profession avoid the all-too-common practice of writing in a code that only other economists can comprehend.'--Robert McTeer, former President, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas With the global economy recovering from a steep recession, those who fail...

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: Through the presentation of the Ten Fundamental Principles of Personal Finance, this text empowers readers with the knowledge they need to successfully make and carry out a plan for their own financial future.   FINANCIAL PLANNING; MANAGING YOUR MONEY; PROTECTING YOURSELF WITH INSRUANCE; MANAGING YOUR INVESTMENTS; LIFE CYCLE ISSUES   MARKET : This text’s easy-to-read and relatable pop-culture references make it a must have for those who want to master their own finances.

The Wealth Of Nations was recognized as a landmark of human though upon its publication in 1776. As the first scientific argument for the principles of political economy, it is the point of departure for all subsequent economic thought.

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