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You might already be aware of the professional website builders that help in creating a website. The greatest help that these website builders provide is the opportunity to design your own website even when you have no technical knowledge about doing so. Moreover, if you are neither tech savvy nor have the time to learn, these website builders are like a boon. You can choose from the various templates that the website builder software offers and choose the one of your choice. In fact, the advantage of open source website builder software is that it can be customized by the administrators.

Moreover, the cost of maintaining a website with the help of open source website builder software is much lesser in comparison to any other professional website builder. Here, the cost is low while the quality of work is high. Open source has its own share of advantages because it is constantly evolving, providing new features and upgrades. Besides, it also gives the flexibility to its customers for customizing their websites in any fashion they like. You can change the look and feel of the website according to your preference and to be in sync with your product or services.

In fact, an open source website builder helps you learn various things from open source software. Thus, you are not solely dependent on the programmer for any changes in the site. You can learn things on your own and make the necessary changes whenever required. Besides, if you are unable to do so, hire an open source website builder. There are several professionals working in this field. Moreover, open source website builders are very famous as they design websites without the need for manual coding. While selecting a website building company, choose the one that provides online proprietary tools. These Web hosting companies help the users develop their private sites. Besides, you can also make any necessary changes in the website by editing the offline pages and publishing them with the help of the host.

There are numerous open source website builder applications like Pixie CMS that allows designing as well as managing smaller websites. Moreover, it is famous among its users due to simple installation and easy interface options. This application makes designing the site and managing its content extremely easy. Pixie CMS is a free tool that utilizes the MySQL database and PHP. Besides, there are other open source website builders like Zimplit, Joomla, Intuit, and others. Use any one of your choice. The software is simple to use, and even a layman with little interest in creating a website can create his own site. This software is specifically designed to take care of the needs of any ordinary person and not only programmers. Besides, applications like Joomla are extremely user friendly; they can be easily downloaded and have a user-friendly interface. Thus, these open source website builder applications give you the independence as well as the flexibility to carve your own website. So, if you too wish to design your website, this is the right tool for you.

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