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To become an anim8tor, the first thing to do is understand a little about animation.

All you will need is a basic understanding we will explain later.

Animation is an illusion, a mage (magic) so the first thing to know is that you have to make an image or object appear to move (become an animation) and the only way you can do this in practise is do a lot of drawings or a lot of different positioned and style of moulds this is more 3D animation.

When one thinks of somebody as a anim8tor they imagine a person who is highly skilled and artistic, and you are right. They are indeed.

To be an animator the first step you will have to do is get a lot of tracing paper a fine pencil and an eraser. Well this is how the pro's do it.

They will sketch a an image on a piece of paper as the core image. The object then is to make that sketch move. To do that he/she will the sketch a sequence of images behind the original and flick back and forward with the tracing paper to ensure that the next image is slightly different. They will master this flicking to perfection and will edit with an eraser to endure smooth movement between the pages.

This is a very long and highly skilful profession and theses guys are very passionate, determined, self motivated with a massive dosage of patience and time would be your most challenging obstacle.

So from this point on the anim8tor has to sketch a sequence of images, in the hundreds in order to complete a full action, for example somebody walking with each leg movement.

What the artist will do next is flick the pages back and forward when complete. He will then record the while the pages are flicking which will create a movie file and when watch back it will be an animation which is create of an object or person moving due to the sequence run.

It does not stop there as most animators will start on the basics and add after, like clothing, background, lighting and shading, weather conditions, voices, sound effects etc.

These pro's are masters and to do it by hand is an absolute masterpiece and gift.

Now 3D anim8tion is another territory, in this case you have to make a mould and take images of the mould changing positions , and again gather a sequence of model images. They then add light and shading to develop and illusion of 3D by manipulation (some time referred to as mage, meaning magic) the object and light, true class.

These is however some good news if you have already decided that it is too difficult.

These professional animators, combined with graphic designers and computer programmers have developed a 3D animation system that can be self taught at home, by anybody.

This is achieved by the user friendly operation features combined with the step by step real time video training and manuals, they are also available for on-line support and guidance.

They develop these animation programs and develop them as a digital download, given you the power to turn you personal computer in a animating studio.

Due to the massive volume of sales and the new introduction to digital 3D abim8tion download, you can now download a top close animation program for less than $50, that's cheap, that would not even give you one hour of animation training.

The only obstacle in the way is your drive and determination to learn and master the software and you will be animating very quickly as if you follow the step by step training guides your only direction is to become an anim8tor

Do you want to be an anim8tor

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