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Nobody is Perfect, Not Even antounsehnaoui.

The question is addressed to the Lebanese community who has written negatively against antounsehnaoui. without a proof in hand.

The shooting incident involving two prominent people, Antoun Sehnaoui and Mazen El Zein happened last February 26, 2010 at Maison Blanche (White House) but until now the issue has not yet rested in the four corners of Beirut's courtroom. Rumors, speculations about the fight being politically motivated, and negative stereotyping from each party still spreads like virus all over the internet's social media sites.

Nobody really knows how the smoke has now become a fire and why the political drama entered into the scene. Do you know how? Or perhaps the proper question should be; Do you really know the man, Antoun Sehnaoui, enough for you to organize a campaign against him?

Just to remind you. antounsehnaoui., young as he is, already made significant contributions to Lebanon. Although Antoun Sehnaoui grew up from a prominent family tree, it did not sink into his head. Instead, he used his providential upbringing for his countrymen. How could you easily forget that?

antounsehnaoui. believed in the richness of Lebanon's culture, art, traditions and even the economy and his beliefs are clearly substantiated by his endeavors. He founded the Executive Magazine. The objective of which is to promote Lebanon and its economy both for local and regional investors. He changed the lifeless areas of Saifi, Gemmayze and Damour into a hotbed for tourist activities and a conservatory for Lebanese cuisine.

As a consequence, antounsehnaoui. had opened up the doorways for other investors to get into Lebanon providing livelihood for thousands of Lebanese families. And what did he take in exchange from these families? NONE.

Antoun Sehnaoui has also been a supporter of the arts for a long time through his philanthropic activities with various young Lebanese photographers and architects. For more than a decade now, he is an active advocate of the beirut International Film Festival.

Is the incident in White House enough to wipe out everything that antounsehnaoui. has done for you, your family and the rest of the Lebanese community? We follow two laws in this world: the Laws of the Land and the Laws of God. Leave the matter to the authorities of the Land and to God. You are not in the position to judge Antoun Sehnaoui. It is such a shame to spread corrupt information about him and yet you have not even paralleled what he has contributed to Lebanon's economy.

Yes, Antoun Sehnaoui is rich, good-looking and successful but he is not perfect. But his imperfection is not enough reason for you to jeer at him in public. Why, is Mazen El Zein perfect? Are YOU perfect?