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School software management is computerized system that has changed the definition of school management. Specially designed school management software records all data related to each and every individual who is a part of an institution, maintain them and store them in an organized way. On line school management software also serves as a student information system as one can get all data about a particular student from the website of an institution

School software management is a computerized ERP system designed especially for educational institutions to manage the student information systems . With the growing concern about educational qualification across the world, number of student in all kinds of educational institutions, has grown significantly making it difficult for the school administrations to maintain all records. School software management is such a system which makes it a lot easier for a school management body to keep track of every function that takes place in the institution.

As the name indicates, this school ERP system works through a software which is termed school management software. School management softwares are specially programmed to record all data related to all kinds of activities of educational institutions. Starting from student attendance to performance of individual students in class and exams, preparation of mark sheets and report cards, preparation of routines and time tables and examination schedules, everything can be done quickly and smoothly through an online school management software.

School management softwares may also be termed as student information systems as it maintains all data of every single student in an educational institution. One can get all details like name, address, contact number, photograph and data of his/her performance as a student in classes and exams, marks received in each subject and attendance records simply by clicking on specific sections provided by the software. The student information system makes it easy for the school management to analyze a student's performance, which makes a big intact on the gradation.

Online school management software is of huge demand these days. Especially in US, UK and Australia, where students come from abroad for higher studies, educational institutions hire software developers to develop customized on line school management software. Every school has got its own rule book and administrative policies. Every institution follow a specific system set by the management and the ERP softwares are developed accordingly to ensure availability of flawless data in times of need. School management softwares are made user-friendly to make operation easy and smooth for the staff. Though they are termed as student information systems, a school management software keeps record of teachers and non-teaching staff too. It collects all data being uploaded by staff and then stores them in specific sections so that one can get it just by clicking. Higher educational institutions that offer degree and diploma courses on multiple subjects, often face difficulty in preparing examination schedules. But with a customized school management software loaded on the server, one can get an automated examination management system is no time. These softwares also helps institutions in terms of expense management and salary generation. Institutions that run boarding houses for students need to maintain separate records for expenses and maintenance. School management softwares are a perfect tool to keep a track on these things.

Following are some of the highly beneficial services that a school software management system provides an educational institution with:

Automated admission & registration

class management according to subjects

Transport maintenance management

Library management

Student and staff attendance management

Maintenance of grades and creation of grade books