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If you have choreographed or remounted shows, you no doubt have experienced the frustration of relying solely on handwritten notes, videotaped performances and deciphering formations drawn on paper. Repeatedly rewinding the video, reviewing notes for each section, remembering and teaching every dancer's dance track, paths and patterns can be challenging.

The need for a tool that would save choreographers time and help with all steps of the creative process is what has lead to the creation of dance choreography software. This software synchronizes and integrates nearly every element of the choreography to music including dance notes, counts, path, formations, and video to make a Choreo Score.

The outcome is a complete choreography package that assists with the creation, pre-visualization, documentation, communication and rehearsal process. Choreographers can share creative information instantly with their dancers and production team.

Dancers and dance instructors are using a new dance choreography software program called Dance Designer, created by Choreo Technology LLC, to solve common challenges in choreography. Dance Designer gives novice to expert choreographers a complete package of easy-to-use point-click-and-drag digital tools to conceive, blend, save and share all the elements they use to produce their work. The software allows professional choreographers, dance teachers, studio owners, high school dance programs, college professors, cheer and figure skating coaches to express their individual style of motion in one powerful application.

As you can see, dance choreography software offers a new easy to use platform for creating and documenting the choreographer's work. This tool has the power to revolutionize the dance community and expand choreographer's economic potential.

Choreo Technology, LLC was founded by choreographer, dancer and studio owner Carri Burbank and Sean Glen, an event producer. Two years ago, the pair, together with a team of dancers, choreographers and software specialists, conceived the notion, "of creating tools for every choreographer that will help save time and ease the process involved in creating, capturing and owning their art," says Burbank. Visit for more information, demonstration and a 15-day free trial.