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There are thousands of great photography websites that rarely get any visitors - the following article will help you gain exposure for your photography website.

Having the ability to take excellent images is a great honour, but if no one ever sees them your talent becomes wasted. Your online portfolio or website will certainly be the cheapest way of promoting your photography; key to this is getting your photography website to the top of the search engine.

Google is by far the most important search engine, and a good ranking is vital if you wish that your photography will be successful. It's not that hard to achieve this but there are some simple rules and guidelines to follow.

The priority items that most search engines look for are quality content on your website, links from other sites that point to your site and the time your site is online. If you have a new website you will have to wait a certain length of time before it will reach the first page in Google.

The content of your site should be unique. It should be rich in keywords that explain about your site and should have no fewer than three hundred words. If your photography site is a portrait site, make sure that the content in your site has a two to three percent keyword ratio for portrait photography. Also make sure that your keywords are included in the page title and description.

Getting links to your site is the most important factor. Search engines will look at links pointing to your site as a vote in favour of your website. The more links you have, the more votes you receive. The easiest and fastest way of achieving this is to submit your photography site to hundreds of directories. Most directories will add your site for free but you may need to provide a return link back to the site.

Photography directories will be the most important directories to submit to. There are many great photography directories that will offer a free submission. Make sure that the keywords from your site are included in the title and that you write a good description. If the description seems interesting you will have a very good chance of getting visitors from photography directories.

Also, try to get links to other photography sites that are not in direct competition against you.

Never try to fool any search engine; you may end up being banned from a search engine. Avoid link farms at all costs - link farms will harm your site. Some companies will offer to complete submissions for you at a cost per directory. You should avoid this also.

Submitting your site to photography directories will take time, but will be worth the effort. You should allow one or two hours every week for this. It is the most important factor in getting visitors to your photography site and getting a high ranking on the main search engines.

TJ Tierney is an award winning photographer and a freelance writer. To find out more information visit his photography directory and photography site.