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Today many bloggers and webmaster have one common questions. They all want to know how to build natural backlinks to their website. Today as we know that Google have taken lots of steps to stop web spam. They have released some of the famous algorithmic updates like panda and penguin which are killing all web spammers and their blogs.

But sometime these algorithms also target some innocent bloggers. This happens rarely but still its a major case and it usually destroy their online authority and business.

So today its really important to have a clean and simple link profile. You should not target in building links on your own, but should focus on creating some in-depth and outstanding article which could help you get more organic visitors, conversions and natural backlinks to your website.

So the question is how to build natural backlinks ?

Well there are many different ways to do so. One of the most important and key factor is quality and researched content.

How to write quality content ?

I think its really very easy but it requires planning and lots of research. According to me it will hardly take you 15 minutes for complete topic research and then less than a hour to write an article with almost 700 words.

Below I am listing out the most important points which you should consider while writing content which would help you get backlinks automatically.

How to perform a perfect keyword research.

Selecting a key phrase : Check you previous article and see which one received maximum comments. Since its really important to know what your readers like and at the same time what search engine feels is of great quality.

Use Google adword keyword suggestion tool : Use this tool to find the most related and less competitive keywords.

Now search Google using those phrases and try to find the most related topics.

Now once you complete the above steps, you will have a great collection of popular keywords for which you will be able to rank easily on search engine result pages.

How to write an appealing article.

Now its time to make your readers feel that you really have knowledge in your interested niche. You can easily do so by provide some great and in-depth contents. Below I am sharing a simple and easy to follow article writing blue print.

Make your article headline catchy.

Include your targeted keyword in your headline.

Try to start your paragraph with your targeted key phrase and then frame the whole introduction block.

While moving to next paragraph make sure to add a sub heading with H2 tag.

Now include some related phrases in this heading.

Tell you readers what you are going to write about and what you will be offering them.

Use bullet points to point out the topics in shortest and easy to read format.

Now frame you next subheading and then simply give a indepth information regarding your topic.

Always try to interlink your posts in natural manner.

Also remember to perform outbound links to some great and authority websites connected to your niche. This will help to reduce bounce rate.

Now finally its time for last paragraph.

Give a questioning heading and ask your visitors what they feel about the concerned topic.

Then simply end the paragraph by asking your readers to leave comments and suggestions.

So in this article I have shared my personal natural link building strategy. I wish you would have liked it.