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Online quiz software comes in many varieties and flavors, making it difficult to compare applications. The proper online quiz software will help you improve efficiency while the wrong software can throw your financial records into a tailspin that will cost you both productivity and money to recover from. This article will give you some simple guidance to choose the right online quiz software.

The other day, did a professional review for a online quiz software QuizCreator. It evaluated the quiz software from the aspects of ease of use, usefulness, performance and arbitrary equalizer. This provides some references for Online quiz software seekers. So, I will set forth my guidance based on this review.

Intended Usage

What do you intend to use the online quiz software for? This is one of the key considerations when purchasing online quiz software application. Make a list of the needs you'd like the software to address. Your needs list should consist only of the features absolutely necessary in order for the software to work for you. For instance, you may need SCORM compliant Flash quiz output in order to use for your learning management system. Then, the SCORM feature is the primary factor when you picking out online quiz software.


Calculate how much you can afford for the online quiz creator software. The price of online quiz software varies from 0 to i+998, so identify the budget before choosing the software. If you want free online quiz tool, Proprofs quiz will be the right one.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is the important factor when you choose a software application. "Time is money", we all know that. The original intension of utilizing software is mean to help you work more smoothly and simply. Just assuming that you should make a test for tomorrow's testing, your work will become more complex and inefficient if you have to spend a lot of time in learning how to use the quiz software and asking for help from customer support. "QuizCreator works great for its Office 2007 ribbon interface. It will be friendly for users." Said the reviewer of


The more smoothly the software runs, the better it will be. The quiz creation process will be more smoothly if the quiz software runs stably, no errors alert frequently. Beautiful quizzes can be created quickly, easily without hogging up computer resources. It will give you a good mood while doing the quiz work and you will be more productive.


productivity will be doubled if the online quiz software has multiple uses. Take trainers for example, creating pre-test and post-assessment are popular in training. However, if the software lets trainers generate funny quizzes and share the quizzes on your blogs, it will maximize its utility in on Web. The most important thing is that it saves some money to purchase quiz software.


Online quiz software should provide an easy way to make quizzes for online usage. Here are some features you should refer:

Quiz output. HTML, Flash, Word, Excel or Text format. If you want to use quizzes in your LMS, SCORM/AICC compliant quiz maker should be in consideration.

Question type. Normal question type are True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Fill in the Blank, Matching, Sequence, Word Bank, Click Map and short assay.

Multimedia supported. Enrich your quizzes with audio, images, and video.

Quiz results tracking. The quiz can be marked instantly after quiz takers finish the quiz, big-time saving for your assessment work. Take QuizCreator for example, it provides E-mail tracking, free QMS tracking and LMS tracking options for users.

Randomization and reusability. Randomization allows users to create different quizzes in one time - avoid cheating. The created quizzes can be reused, that will save you a lot of time if you need to use the quiz again.


In summary, buying good online quiz software is a matter of doing your research by considering each of the factors above. Download the software and do a fully trial. Good luck!