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Getting massive traffic to your website is one of the hardest task for Internet Marketers. When I first started making money online; I thought all I had to do was write three articles and I would get a load of traffic. I had to find out the hard way, that if you want to make money, you will have to work very hard for it. Getting traffic is not a free meal ticket, even if you are using automatic software. Here is how to get massive traffic to your website in less than a week.

Write articles- It surprises me just how many Internet Marketers try to take the easy route by spamming social bookmarking sites or other websites just to get a little traffic. First off, Google has caught on to the spamming methods, and this will only get your website banned from the search engines. Writing unique and informative articles is one of the simplest methods to gaining traffic.

The best place to write articles are for sites that have the 'dofollow' tag. This makes the search engines follow any links in a blog post, website or article. Another thing to realize is that; you should not just submit your articles anywhere. You will need to investigate which sites have the 'dofollow' tag and high page rank. There are many out there, so only choose the website that has a page rank of at least 5. Most article directories have high page rank. This would be a good place to get some backlinks. Also, make sure to leave your url address with your chosen keyword in anchor text.

Social Bookmarking- Social bookmarking is still very effective. I use to get at least 1000 visitors to my website using this method. There are a lot of problems with spamming in the social bookmarking community and the site owners are becoming stricter by banning accounts; so don't let this happen to you. Social bookmarking is suppose to be for people to promote other websites they enjoy. If you do submit your own url address, just make sure you don't submit more than five, or it can raise a red flag with the site owner. Also, use low competition keywords to place in your title.

Blog Commenting- This is another old method, but is still effective and can bring you massive traffic. The thing about blog commenting is you have to do it volume. Make sure to use your chosen keyword in the 'name' box

Erica Williams is the owner of the 'Self Employment Money Now' blog and offers free resources on how to make money online. For the ultimate writing guide, please visit Getting Paid To Write Online- Make $1000 a Day