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Internet Cafe Business Software

More and more people are using public areas to access the internet for work, study, conducting meetings or simply playing games. To stay competitive in the market or add an additional stream of income, many eateries and cafes are adding wifi hotspots as an additional service for their customers.

If you are looking to open an internet cafe business or want to add wifi to your business establishment, you'll need wifi hotspot or internet cafe software to manage customer usage, billing and internet security.

A nice benefit to internet cafe software programs is that they can help increase your business revenue, but they do not necessarily take much additional work. Most systems are automated and don't require hours of labor or extra employees to operate them. Some common software programs for managing wifi hotspots are Antamedia, TrueCafe, CyberCafePro and CyberLeader.

Starting an internet cafe business is not really like opening a traditional coffee cafe. The space, layout and environment of an internet cafe will be geared more for computer usage. The business owner needs to focus on creating a comfortable atmosphere that is convenient for web users. Even if more time and money is spent creating the "ideal" environment, the repeat customers an referrals generated can end up paying for the investment in the long run.

Internet Cafe Setup:

Location is of course important in the success of an internet cafe. However, each internet cafe has it's own market, and they can vary. Do you know the target market for your venue?

For instance, businesspeople, students and tourists are all web users, but these groups do not necessarily congregate in the same areas. Figure out who your target market is and the choose the ideal location for your customers.

Internet Cafe Start-up Budget:

According to Whotspot, the average cafe owner can spend between $8,000 and $10,000 for computer and internet equipment for an internet cafe. However, there are lower-cost options, like management programs from CafeNetwork.

In addition to setting up a wifi hotspot system, there are several other cafe start-up expenses. Different factors affect what each particular business spends (i.e. staff, size of cafe, services offered, locations, etc..). Putting together a business plan can help a business owner forecast possible costs to expect. There are also sample business plans that can be viewed online for rough estimates.

- Licenses, permits, taxes, insurance and other legal requirements

- Building lease/purchase and any construction

- Furniture, equipment, supplies

- Advertising for the opening of your cafe

- Stationary, receipts, brochures, business cards and other printed materials

- Employee payroll, hiring expenses

- Start-up inventory and cash

- Miscellaneous expenses

To cut out the long trial and error process, many entrepreneurs seek expert guidance. If you personally know an experienced cafe owner, this can be a great source for guidance. You can sometimes find internet cafe business start-up guides written by knowledgeable business owners in your local library or neighborhood bookstore. This can be an easy, affordable way to get the information you need to plan and launch a successful internet cafe business.

For more information, visit Home Business Center, Inc. for internet cafe business plans and how to start an internet cafe business.