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Set Up A Wireless Internet Adapter

Doing business in a global economy means that more and more businesses are adopting integrated, end-to-end processes. This includes technology.

Following are four advantages integrated software provides today's progressive companies.

I. Cuts Business Costs: How? One reason is that it allows firms to purchase packaged software. Because integrated software combines the most commonly used functions of many productivity software programs into one application, it is very practical for every size company - from micro businesses to Fortune 500 corporations.

For literally a few hundred dollars, a company has access to a whole suite of programs for its employees.

II. Ease of Installation: In IT, the costs of operations - which include installing software - can cut deep into a budget.

Using integrated software can help lower IT operations costs because there's only one piece of software to install. Furthermore, an IT consultant can quickly identify and work through any bugs in a program. This means less down time, which of course, means increased worker productivity.

III. Information Sharing: Integrated software allows the different modules to share information seamlessly. For example, let's say a team of three is working on a proposal.

One member of the team may be doing the writing of the proposal in a word processing document. The second team member may be using a graphics program to pull together the illustrations, while the third member of the team may be creating a spreadsheet of the statistical data for the proposal.

Three different users; three different modules used; one proposal - and one integrated software package.

This is all made possible because the various functions and commands of integrated software packages are in the same location, ensuring that all applications share information and work flawlessly together.

IV. Troubleshooting Made Easy: As alluded to in advantage number two listed here, troubleshooting integrated software packages is easy because there's only one user manual. Hence, solutions to problems can be located easily. And, if there are problems beyond what's outlined in the user manual, it's easy to contact the manufacturer.

In short, integrated software allows businesses to respond quickly to client demand. And, this is what IT for business is all about.


Henry Tuttle writes about IT issues, offering practical computing advice to business executives, from offering desktop virtualization articles to explaining the benefits of a universal print driver in a company.