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Dialer software are application suite that automatically dials a contact in the given list . Lists are part of list management which is also a component of dialers . Once the dialer gets connected to a human voice it may leave a message ( called as voice broadcast or voice blast ) or connect it to a agent who is ready and waiting for that call .

Dialers were earlier classified into hardware and software dialers but now with the advent of IP technology dialer software can be considered as a software device. Further these dialers are classified as Predictive dialers, Progressive dialers and Preview Dialers.

Predictive dialers are the one's which can predict when the agent is getting free and dials a number so that it is connected just in time when the agents becomes free . They even do Answering Machine detection and hence these dialers are the best in class and increase the agent productivity. Agent productivity is defined in terms of total talk time and better the talk time more productive is agent and will result in increased sales / leads / appointments and overall the people becomes effective .

Progressive dialers as the name suggest dials the number progressively and as and when agents become free the connected calls are transferred to them. These dialers are normally used under B2B (business to business) calling and when the pacing is relatively lower, getting closer to 1:1 , so this results in less dropped call and is normally not suitable if answering machine detection is to be done .In Indian conditions progressive dialer is predominantly used as usage of answering machine is relatively less compared to USA or Europe .

Preview dialers are for clients who have customers that have a key interest area or where the enterprise wants to keep track of the client's needs and interest which is normally more prevalent in Hospitality and tourism industry. Here the sales cycle is complex and process requirement demands that agent first looks at the client profile , understand his/her need and then click on the call button for dialer to dial the desired number .

Contaque dialer software is state of art dialing system which can be run in any mode viz Predictive , Progressive and Preview . Moreover Contaque dialer software comes in two variants CCS and UCS . CCS is ideal for companies looking in for outbound and inbound voice only campaigns , UCS is ideal for enterprises looking for e-mail , sms and chat together with voice and video .