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Pharmacovigilance science makes use of pharmacovigilance software mainly for detecting, assessing and preventing long term and short-term side effects of medicines. The demand for this kind of pharmacovigilance software is on the rise mainly because of the withdrawal of several medicines in the markets. This kind of software detects the reasons for this withdrawal and also prevents unwarranted risky happenings in the future. This helps the patients, the doctors and the manufacturers in the medical world.

The EMEA or the European Medicines Agency in Europe develops and maintains the pharmacovigilance database of probable serious adverse effect medicines in the market. This system is called Eudra Vigilance.

Similarly, the US medical society has its own pharmacovigilance branches namely; the FDA; the academic and non-profit organizations like RADAR and Public Citizen and the pharmaceutical manufacturers. Several companies like Aris Global, Relsys and Workflow have developed pharmacovigilance software to keep track of safety applications in the market.

Kinds of pharmacovigilance software

PV Works for example is a pharmacovigilance software system that records report safety data keeping track of adverse event reporting. It is a commercial workflow engine providing management control of pharmacovigilance processes. Flexible data entry, risk management, safety system assessment, evaluation and submission of regulatory reports are some of its important features.

PV Works (Vet) is another software system made to support veterinary pharmacovigilance business and technical processes meeting the necessary safety standards. Data entry, reporting, audit trail are some of its main features.

The outsourced pharmacovigilance software develops drug development expertise, safety rules and regulatory necessities, securing client access to data and regular tracking and status updates to clients or to the authority. It is an economical project development process making using of the electronic medium for handling management purposes.

The Assured pharmacovigilance software provides Internet access to the server for the client's use and operation of the system for management and customer use. This software meets the standards of pharmaceutical companies, regulatory authorities and medical personnel.

How effective is pharmacovigilance software?

Pharmacovigilance software minimizes the risk of adverse events (ADR) by using genetic profiles.

It makes accurate determinations as to whether a product is safe or not.

It determines the benefit-risk ratio quickly.

It overcomes the challenges that small firms face as far as limited financial and personnel resources are concerned.

Pharmacovigilance software helps maintain regulatory compliance and improve operational efficiency.

Global information can be easily shared by means of this software.

In the age of safety concerns, more need is being felt for software that can avert probable risks and also help in worldwide networking in the medical field. Pharmacovigilance software is designed just for this.

For pharmacovigilance signal detection and other related services seek a quality drug safety pharmacovigilance company.