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I recently was required to produce a quantity of storyboards and previs, so engaged in a bit of investigating into the available packages -

Storyboards are often described as +Previsualization or previs and could be any technique which tries to envision scenes within a movie before filming gets started.

The main benefit of previsualization is that it permits directors to test out different staging and art direction solutions with no need to incur the expense of actual production.

Storyboards could include music, sound files and dialogue to accurately previs the look of edited sequences, and are often utilized for elaborate or tricky scenes that involve stunts and special effects.

My analysis revealed that Previs applications are roughly split between 3 areas:

2D, 3D and character/environment style and design.

The 2D software programs can be considered as a digital kind of classic storyboarding -they don't offer up camera techniques or character movement inside the time line.

Each of the 3D alternatives include the 2D standard storyboard solution and also enable adjustment of characters in time and space - camera changes may be designed and customized.

Only some of the 3D programs are meant to perform in real time (very nearly), in order that a director/operator might make changes immediately with little or no rendering delay. These systems generate characters and environments that typically lack complex detail and textures, nevertheless this is exponentially developing.

The last group is committed to environment and character design and style. Even with their capability to render time-line animation and camera action, it is actually unlikely these particular solutions would be used for on-set storyboard previs due to their render engines being intended for high quality output, on the other hand they can be astonishingly helpful for complete detail figure development, costumes, and settings as a direct consequence of the extremely high image resolution renders.

I'm going to attempt to classify a number of of the most widely used programs readily obtainable at the time of writing.

Storyboard Quick

'Storyboard Quick' can be viewed as a regular storyboard software program, as it doesn't employ 3D. Due to this, it's simple to get familiar with and also the interface is effortless. It is easy to bring in your own location photos, which could very well be preferable, to the relatively +childlike' clip art work presented.

Google SketchUp

'Google SketchUp' does not possess timeline animation, however the pro release does feature dynamic features or reduced animation inside a scene, nonetheless it is an impressive piece of free computer software which includes a significant support community and free of charge models. It's easy, enjoyable and the interface is relatively easy to negotiate.

Toon Boom Storyboard Pro

'Story Board Pro' from Toon Boom is a very distinct product from the other 2D storyboard software listed in this doc. Instead of employing clip art and imported textures Storyboard Pro is really an amazing drawing software program preferably suitable for utilizing a pen tablet interface - so if you can't draw it will be far better to stay clear. If you're able to draw then the software is impressive, enabling extremely quick paint and brush choices.

Storyboard Artist

I do believe the title of this software program is a touch confusing because it's much more than a 2D classic storyboard interface. This software allows 3-d animatics, oral sync animation and seems to have superb 3D clip art and models already built in.

Frameforge previs studio

'FrameForge Previz studio' has rapidly come to be the industry, consistent, on-set software, for directors to adjust 3D storyboards in (essentially) real-time it can produce extensive timeline animation and combine many different camera variations.

E frontier poser 8

Poser is a really exact and detailed program which allows quick character output utilizing a vast number of three-dimensional themes and open source contributions. It makes it possible for a creator to swiftly blend three-dimensional characters into any form of animation, animatic or still frame.


Vue is an extremely remarkable niche piece of software that employs templates to build environments that can be used for full-res matte artwork. It's previously been used on Avatar and Indiana Jones 4 to create jungle surroundings.

Hitchcock Storyboard Composer for Iphone/Ipod touch platform

Just creeping in on the end of my previs analysis is 'Cinemeks Hitchcock storyboard composer' for iphone/Ipod touch (needs camera).

You simply gather scene photographs on the camera and utilize the technology to control the framing, flow and timing of the shots inside your storyboard.

Inspite of the small interface, the critiques have been utterly favorable, nevertheless, if I was writing checks for actors to aid me with a photographic storyboard I would most likely use a more effective stills camera which would enable depth of field and lighting options. Never the less, I'm sure a lot of people will find it a particularly useful tool.

The Previsualization Society

Lastly it is worthwhile finding out about the newly formed Previsualization Society for lots more in-depth info. They advocate the employment of previs in a variety of market sectors around the world by promoting effective applications and a knowledge of the features of previsualization as a collaborative process and communication method.

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